california birthday

ralph's birthday in laguna was easily just as fun for me as it was for him. 
i have always wanted to do the top of the world hike in laguna, the view was amazing!
also, a little birthday pda never hurt anyone.

we headed to beachcomber at crystal cove for a yummy breakfast
the ocean breeze and view wasn't so bad either!

he is a golf lover, and the second i told him we were going i knew i made a good choice.

we went to a beautiful golf course in san clemente, and golfed 18 holes!
...okay he golfed. and i was the caddy.

after we went and got him a pair of his first rainbow sandals 
and headed to the mall for some presents and lunch at the nordstrom restaurant.

after i surprised him with a gondola ride in newport harbor at sunset!

our gondola man played 100 year old italian music as we floated along the harbor
it was so relaxing and (a little hilarious)

we brought our favorite candy stash of course

happy twenty four ralph!