love day

valentines is the best and always comes at the right time.
each year i love it more and more! 
what better way to cheer up the world than celebrating everything we love most. 
i loved driving to work and seeing girls jogging with pink bows, and kids walking 
to class with big teddy bears and chocolate hearts. it was darling!
(not to mention all the cute men at the stores buying flowers and looking semi-clueless. melts my heart!)

 my little valentines advent where everyday i had a little simple valentine-y thing
for us to do together leading up to valentines. (i forced him to be cheesy. he secretly loved it)

right when i got to work on valentines i had a personal delivery of this gorgeous flower arrangement!
ralph knows me so well, and the florals show it!

i also know ralph extremely well, and decided the way to his heart was 
surprising him and delivering a nice hot-and-ready pizza to his work for lunch.
(with some vintage valentines on top...because, it's valentines)

nicole and i got together valentines eve and whipped up the yummiest gingersnaps i have ever had!
(thanks to my mother dearest! she has the best recipe.)
we dipped them in white chocolate, and topped with hot pink sprinkles. 

i packaged them valentines morning super simple with my favorite stickers and was off to deliver
to some of my favorite people.
i maybe ate a few during the delivery.

present from ralph's cute mom on valentines eve...
she had the cutest and most delicious dinner for us with heart shaped noodles in the pasta!

my mom showed up right before we left for dinner with this huge pink and red gift bag.
we are lucky newlyweds being so taken care of!

on ralph's valentine, i put together a little picture of us when we were both in elementary!
i so wish i knew him as a little boy, because i would have had a big time crush on that little blondie.

our night ended with a yummy dinner downtown, 
opening presents, and bringing our mattress to our main room and watching sleepless in seattle.

another great valentines down.
 thanks for being mine, ralph!