goodbye winter

last day of february! whaaaat!
february has ended up being a real winner and i am so thankful.
i don't remember a february ever ever ever being this warm, sunny, and pleasant.
that shows what some vitamin d can do to a person! 

one of my favorite nights this month was going bowling with our best buds and making
some delicious white chocolate + marshmallow popcorn!

and yes...the sprinkles make it taste that much better.

my favorite pizza. yep, i ate this beauty by myself after my art history exam.
maybe it was almost gone by the time i got home. 

popsicles in february sound about right....

had a date night with prince henry.
we took a long walk around my neighborhood, which is his favorite thing.
he always makes me appreciate the little things. 
just going outside on a walk in the fresh air makes him ecstatic. there is nothing he loves more!
i need to be more like him.

also, he is my favorite to cuddle with (besides ralphie)
look at that impressive sleeping position!

fun stuff in the works! 
if you think that paper towel is messy, you should see my fingers....!

we had a beautiful spring warm day, followed by a dreamy rainstorm. 
it was heavenly!

gettin' crafty.

we went to a darling wedding ceremony at the white memorial chapel 
for my cute friend erin. she looked stunning. 
so happy for them! 

and of course getting a head start on the easter candy!
we had a full on debate in the middle of the aisle on which jelly beans are better.
ralph won, because i know how much he loves his candy. 
and i love him.