february love films

let's be honest. 

i think we can all agree on the reality that they just don't make romance movies the way they used to. what happened?
i'm not giving up on them... (i have wanted to)
but until i am convinced otherwise, i will continue to watch my tried and true.
ralph is shocked i am not sick of these, since i know every word, and everything that happens..
but no love story gets old. they get more beautiful with time!

so without further adieu...
my favorite love films.
(i would say chick flick...but i feel like these deserve a much more elegant name.)

so grab your man, your dog, your mom, your best friend...(and especially your treats)
and enjoy. you have my five stars behind each of these!

(i saved the best and my most favorite for last!)

p.s. i would start talking about why i love each one but i would get weirdly emotional 
about the characters/plot...so i will let them speak for themselves :)