january, you aren't that bad.

as much as i love to hate on the holidays ending,
(and cough, cough, am guilty of not turning off my christmas music december 26
and taking forever to take down my tree...)

i love the start of a new year.
i feel like so much is possible and have so many goals.
this year especially, i have a lot of plans in the works. so i am excited!

this is what january has looked like thus far to me and ralph..

homemade pizzas. i wonder who's is who? :)

i stole him from class on a snowy day to get some lunch with me!

big thank you to the stores/people who don't just rip their decorations down so fast!
this little wreath downtown made my day.

my extremely manly husband changing my battery! 
i helped by standing there telling him how manly he was and eating candy.

cooking my favorite vegetable in the world (brussel sprouts!) all the time.
i know what you are thinking. but they are amazing. 
(if you hate them or are scared of them, you are cooking them wrong!)

it's kinda a tradition for us to take hilarious and ugly selfie pictures at the jazz game. 
ugly selfie #1

selfie #2

thanks for the 3rd row seats uncle robert!

pizzeria limone with my cousins in town from new york and laguna beach
over the new year. i love my extended family so so much, i hate when they leave. good thing i love visiting those places...!

thank you to my brother in law jake for indulging me in this art museum!

and spending lots of time with my favorite doggy, henry.

keep it up january!