very merry christmas

here are some pictures of our little christmas!
i will always remember our first christmas as newlyweds.
 i love sharing all my favorite traditions and creating new ones with ralph.

last minute christmas eve shoppin' with ralphie!
we were literally belting christmas music driving to the mall.
i would show a video but...ya i'd rather not haha

loved driving on christmas eve and seeing all the streets lined with luminaries!

new jammies from both of our parents this year! ralph was thrilled!!

darling boys on christmas eve!

hot yummy wassil before christmas eve dinner

henry is the perfect christmas model...

love our stockings.
p.s. of course the favorite child (cough, cough henry...) 
has a stocking that is first in line. 

my mom's darling table for christmas eve dinner!

best christmas yet!

i don't have the heart to take down our tree.
so i am still christmas-ing as long as i can! (or ralph will let me...)