parades and turkey

i love thanksgiving.
ever since i was a little girl, i would wake up early to watch the
macy's thanksgiving day parade on tv. 
every. year. 
it was pure magic to me. the skyscrapers, the rockettes, the history of it all...

i always begged my siblings or parents to watch it with me, but they were either
 a) sleeping in or b) cooking like crazy

so...this became a tradition. with myself.
(i haven't missed a year...with myself.)

i cry during the holiday commercials, whether its folgers coffee, bows on refrigerators, 
family members hugging...weird i know, but this day i turn to mush.
needless to say, thanksgiving is wonderful.
(i am refraining from talking about the food because...that's just obvious)

(like i said...obvious)

he was there for a good twenty minutes.

my mama's homemade rolls...out of this world.

i was in charge of the salad this year.
candied pine nuts and almonds, bacon, raspberries & pear, white balsamic was good.
if i do say so myself.

ralph feels the same about thanksgiving. 
(but switch the parade with football...)

my dad's pies are famous. 
i once asked for my birthday... instead of a cake, a pan of his pie crust.
if that gives you a better idea.

i don't think i can wait a whole year for it to come back!