thanksgiving eve

how could life get any better?

from waking up to a big smile from my husband, studying design and things i love, living in our own
mis-matched decorated apartment, eating treats at 2 a.m. on the kitchen floor,
making our own dinners, paying our own bills, starting our own traditions
and planning our own little life...i am a happy girl and am so grateful.

i would never describe my life as glamorous or perfect.
we count our pennies and i almost broke our disposal.
but it's simple. and i like it like that.

the little, simple things in life make it beautiful.

some of my favorite things that i am especially grateful for.

the moon
colorful + patterned socks
when ralph's dimples appear
my cabin in bear lake
oil paintings
red balloons + black bows
dogs everywhere
central park
gingerbread + pumpkin
houses covered in ivy
old black and white photos of my grandparents
peonies + garden roses
knit scarves and sweaters
foggy days
surprise dates from ralph
audrey hepburn + frank sinatra
clean sheets
the tetons
hearing christmas songs for the first time
pine trees
vintage children's books a trillion more.

now. did i mention i love every part of thanksgiving dinner?
tomorrow can't come soon enough!