november weekend

i'll tell you what a november weekend is really good for.

1. going out to breakfast
2. making mini pumpkin pies with best friends
3. getting my christmas craft on
(and not to mention the beautiful christmas music and decor popping up everywhere!)
4. welcoming a dear friend home
5. hot chocolate date nights with my one and only ralphie

went out to breakfast to pig & a jelly jar with my dear friend brooke who was my room mate
 for 5 months when i lived in china! she is a mega foodie. 
whenever i go out to eat with her, i know my stomach will be happy.

mini pumpkin pie making at nicole's apartment...

they didn't last long.
we took pictures to prove they actually existed :)
(thanksgiving is in 4 days!!!!)

welcoming home this beauty!

this officially happened.

hey, i like that ring on your finger.

happy thanksgiving week!