apfelsaft and bratwurst!

one of my favorite new traditions we started with my family is making
homemade apfelsaft every november using my aunt + uncles old fashioned apple press!

i have never truly appreciated a cup of apple juice until i experienced this.
it takes so many apples just to make a gallon! and some serious arm muscles.

but, the taste is worth every ounce of work!
it is by far the best apple juice you could ever have. serious! heaven in a cup.

 two of our darling relatives, peter and mark, were in town from stuttgart, germany
which made it so fun. plus, hearing them speaking in german made it even more festive :)

the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we all had the best time!

(can you tell i love taking pictures of my adorable little cousin, hannah?)

the boys workin' hard to chop and press the apples

and the effortless beauty maria

i guess i will just savor the apfelsaft left in my fridge till next year!