happy october!

sweet october.
it's here! it's finally here!
the official beginning of the happiest three months 
you could ever meet. 

music sounds better, colors are brighter, my bed feels cozier, 
and people seem happier. maybe it's just me, but i feel like everyone
gets an extra spring in their step when autumn rolls around.

as for me, i have already
 made pumpkin my main food group (thanks to trader joes)
stood in the candle aisle for an embarrassing amount of time
had michael jackson on repeat in my car (okay...he might still be)
 grinned while i tucked away my swim suits in exchange for boots, scarves, and coats.

oh, boy. 
crush on october doesn't even begin to cover it!

i snapped some pictures of my favorite little autumn scenes
so far this season. this is only the beginning! nothing like the fall in salt lake.
proud to call this place home. 

fall can stay as long as it likes!

(did i mention october also means the playoffs? go sox!)