golden gate

it just so happened that all my best friends (former room-mates)
were all in san francisco the same week.

we took full advantage and spent the day together, walking the golden gate bridge,
eating mexican food, pie-shakes, shopping, and exploring san fran.

 they are the five most darling girls you could ever meet.

and of course, my favorite person.

so. i grew up watching (and loving) full house.
me and my siblings love us some tanner family moments.
unfortunately, jesse katsopolis was no where to be found...
but that didn't stop me from singing the theme song the whole night!

our cute friends em + chase live in the bay area,
so it was fun to visit with them, and get a personal tour around chase's google office!
it is amazing, and the reason i don't have any pictures! way too entertaining.
we love them!

until next time, san fran!