cannon beach getaway.

so this past week we were treated like movie stars...!
and i hate to admit how much we loved it.

our darling friends em and chase invited us 
to be on the tv show getting away together.
they featured the beautiful little town of cannon beach
and we were able to do so many fun things we normally couldn't do.

we had people following us around with lunch orders, 
buying all our groceries, following us around with makeup... 
  ralph getting all the sugary cereals and cookies he wanted!

i spent a good half hour asking the crew about all
the celebrities they have met...and how they actually were in person.
if you ever see me, i will give you the scoop.
(tom hanks is still my number one if that gives you a clue)

yoga, surfing, bonfire on the beach, chinese lanterns,
cooking show, haystack rock, gallery strolls, it was unreal!

except for the time the director chose me 
to be the one who "struggled" surfing...what the! 
there goes my surfing career.

enjoying haystack rock with a bonfire only a few yards away from our beach house!

outside the glass blowing shop we got to witness first hand...crazy!
p.s. those shingles. be still my heart.

love these people.

some early morning yoga on this cliff overlooking cannon beach. amazing!
if you know can only imagine how comical this experience was.

(ralph would whip out the eagle pose every day for two weeks straight...)

our darling beach house!

we were on a cooking show at the evoo cooking school...which was delicious and so fun! 

ralph was chosen as the volunteer and it was hilarious and so great. 
(fun break from the advanced skill of heating up easy mac)

my favorite part was when they asked him on a scale of 1-10 how he ranked as a "foodie"

his answer: um, 1 1/2? 

gotta love that boy.

this sign made my heart pitter-patter! 
i don't even drink latte's but seeing pumpkin written on anything...yep. 
i know. such a girl. 

needless to say, we want to go back asap!
i fell in love with the charming town. 
thanks so much em, chase, and pbs! 
we love you!