newlywed bliss.

okay people.
this married thing? is the best. 
i thought i would be a little depressed not being engaged anymore and having 
all the wedding fun behind me.

it is definitely bittersweet, because i will always
 miss calling him my fiancee, 
but husband sounds so much better. 

i can already feel the "newlywed high" and it is the happiest i have ever been.
we wake up smiling like dorks every day, because we can't believe this is real life!

for instance. the past few weeks we have lived off the following:

- hot tamales
- otter pops
- gatorade
- frozen yogurt
- fruit roll ups

so, how much better can it get!
(with a trip to the grocery store...probably a little better!)

i get so sad when people tell me, 
"just wait till the honeymoon phase is over!"
"oh man, you have no idea what you are in for."

 who are these people? 
i kinda feel sad for them.
not that i expect roses and perfection everyday,
but jeeze, i am sure gonna try!

anyways, we try and ignore those people.

and are planning on a permanent honeymoon phase.
i sure love him. and being his wife :)