i want to give whoever invented the honeymoon a big kiss.
oh my gosh. 
after the best day of your life, you are...


mentally, physically, and socially tired. 
there was no where else in the world i would have rather been
than laying like a beached whale on the sands of hawaii.

we stayed the first night up in deer valley in a charming
austrian hotel, which was so darling, and much cooler than salt lake.

wow, do you think our skin was ready for some hawaiian sun, or what!

we headed straight for some shave ice at matsumoto's, which was a little overrated.
(but my snocone standards are probably a little ridiculous.)

hi, ralph!

fourth of july morning...
ralph wanted to watch nathan's hot dog eating contest first thing in the morning.
remind me to never make that mistake again. (sick!)

ralph was so excited about the bird watching pamphlet he got. 
throughout the whole place, he kept saying, 
"okay abby, ask me what ANY bird is, and i will tell you."
haha, cutest boy.

american boy, through and through

right after we swam under the waterfall in waimea!

not a bad place to spend america's day!

we watched fireworks in turtle bay which was magical. 
there were surfers under the fireworks during the whole show.

thanks, ralph.

kono's breakfast burritos = delish.
if you couldn't tell by the man behind me. 

just my eyes wide open. 

eek! i married the cutest boy!

aloha, hawaii!
thanks for the best honeymoon with my husband!
(i never get sick of saying that)