bear lake girls weekend.

bear lake is a slice of heaven to me.
i can't think of a more peaceful, or beautiful place.
 my cousin maria, and aunt susie put together such a perfect girls weekend 
for me and jen, since our weddings were both coming up in june.

we woke up to the smell of waffles and these personalized campout/"glamping" kits. SERIOUSLY?

maria. pretty much the most perfect human to be alive.

all the girls after church in garden city!
jen, emilie, my mama, susie, grace, maria, me, emmy, and rebecca

our dinner setting and view. i'll take it anyday.

susie is a chef like no other. her pulled pork sandwiches were like gold.

we have a tradition we do every girls trip. all the girls make coasters for the bride to be
to put in their future home! they turned out so so cute!

every detail. i was dying.

with no boys around...we were lookin' good.

my mama made french toast casserole which was amaaazing.

our take home treats were vintage soda bottles and lemon and rootbeer drops. 
it was the BEST weekend and i always tear a little whenever i leave that haven!