you will be mine, and i will be yours.

he asked me to be his wife on a saturday in central park.

we spent the day exploring manhattan, re-enacting sleepless in seattle on the
top of the empire state building and drinking peppermint hot chocolate.

we walked central park while the sun was going down &
while saxophones & violins were playing christmas songs
the city was sparkling with lights and the moon was set like a movie
I get butterflies just thinking about it!

but on top of all that...
nothing compares to seeing the boy you love
kneel down and ask to be theirs.

he gave me flowers and a ridiculous diamond ring.
(I insisted on carrying the flowers everywhere we went and flew them home)
he took me to cafe lola for dinner in the upper west side
and then to mary poppins on broadway.

he sure knows the way to my heart, that ralph.