easter in washington d.c.

we spent easter in washington d.c. with my cousin and her darling family. it was so nice and refreshing to be in an actual home with family for the holiday! i didn't know exactly how badly i was craving just that. 

since new york and D.C. are only a few hours away from each other, we hopped on the subway to port authority and took the bus down. it is such an easy trip! ralph enjoyed a much needed snooze and was first in line to get a cinnabon at our rest break. 

my cousin anna lives in the most beautiful neighborhood ever. right after we got in, i went with my little elsa for a walk around the neighborhood (while ralph enjoyed not doing much of anything in front of their big screen, a very much deserved rest!)

we were so thrilled because my aunt and uncle karen and karl who live in boston, flew in for the weekend as well. we love them so much! we all walked the neighborhood to get some mexican food above the national cathedral, and we lucked out with the prettiest night. we came home to my cousin hosting a cocktail party, so we all snuck downstairs to watch a movie. 

*also, that little scene above. jane and ralph are the cutest friends, and she wore his jacket and held his hand the whole way home from dinner. it was the sweetest.

the next morning, we all hopped in the car and headed to the eastern market on capital hill. one of my favorite things to do in D.C.! we got great weather, and all enjoyed fresh lemonade as we strolled the market. we also had the best pizza and loved looking at the fun booths. 

after the eastern market, we met up with anna to walk around georgetown to find elsa an easter dress, and pick up about 4 dozen georgetown cupcakes for a party she was hosting that night. (yes, she is truly the party queen, always hosting gorgeous functions/parties at her house!) needless to say we were all very excited for the leftovers that night.

that night, ralph and i took off on our own to see the monuments at night and eat dinner at founding farmers. my cousin luke suggested we order the kettle corn as an appetizer, and little did we know they truly brought out a whole POT of kettle corn. it looked so hilarious but it was amazing. after we sat on the steps of the lincoln memorial and watched fireworks! don't know how we timed that so well or what they were for but we loved it. 

easter morning! we all got dressed and ate leftover georgetown cupcakes for breakfast (!!) and walked up to the national cathedral for the easter service. it was such a cool experience to be in such a gorgeous cathedral on easter sunday. 

the whole crew! please note jane's super fancy pose. 

after the service, we drove downtown to have easter brunch at the willard. we walked in and the hotel is truly breathtaking! we had the all you can eat easter buffet, and we learned quickly it is a marathon and not a sprint. we went back in line many a times. 

some of my favorite people. my aunt karen, cousin anna, and her two darling girls elsa and jane. love these ladies so much!

they gave the guests easter baskets full flowers to take home. 

definitely an easter to remember! so thankful for a fun weekend with family.