ralph is 27!

last weekend, ralph turned 27! (we are getting old) i was so relieved his birthday fell on a saturday/weekend. he has been working like crazy lately, so it came at the perfect time. 

we got his favorite breakfast of all time that morning (a mcgriddle from mcdonalds...he is passionate about them)

march hasn't been ideal in the weather department in new york, so i brainstormed what could be fun to do in the city while not freezing to death. 

i realized how many fun restaurants and bakeries give away FREE food on your birthday, and decided to make a fun little scavenger hunt getting as much as we could! we got full much quicker than i anticipated, but it ended up being a blast. 

we hit up pinkberry (free medium froyo with toppings), auntie anne's in times square (free pretzel), sprinkles in the upper east side (free cupcake), au bon pain (free sandwich), jamba juice in rockefeller center (free smoothie!) and we were SO FULL! ha we could have kept going forever which is the sad thing! 

every year, the only thing ralph wants on his birthday is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. we have zero counter space in our little apartment, so cooking is always a very interesting experience ha i definitely utilize every inch of that place! also, pretty sure we need to have sparkler candles every year. they make birthdays more fun.

later that night, i surprised ralph with tickets to regina spektor at radio city. it was so fun and she is INCREDIBLE live! we also walked right past macaulay culkin and i was completely star struck ha! (bigggg home alone fan over here)

p.s. ralph has the BEST eye for celebrities. i swear, every day we are walking he will casually say, "oh, that was the mom on gilmore girls." or, "oh, that's that guy on that movie we just saw" and i'm like, "wait WHAT!?" haha! so, any famous person we see, 99% of the time it's because of ralph! (and of course he has zero interest) ha but i secretly love it!

ended the night getting burgers at burger joint (one of the best ive ever had!) which is hidden inside a fancy hotel in midtown. we watched duke win the acc championship, which made ralph a happy guy.

happy birthday to ralph! my favorite person in the world.