december in the city

december was everything and more in new york! the whole place comes alive and there are decorations on every corner. here were some of my favorite highlights of the month!

i work right by the saks on fifth, so i heard the big light show and saw the windows daily. they do such a great job!

these little trees were right outside our apartment, and i loved passing them on my way home. 

we went to carols by candlelight at the riverside church the sunday before christmas. it was SO COOL. the whole church goes black, and they pass out candles for everyone in the audience. 

our tiny apartment for christmas. stockings above the couch! classy, i know ;)

my favorite little gnome christmas friend. he snuck his way into my suitcase, too.

i was in love with the upper east side during december. i actually loved their decorations more than the upper west! so many magnolia wreaths, and beautiful, fancy stoops. i found myself there many mornings after walking ralph to work.

tiffany's + the big snowflake! (and don't forget the massive crowds outside trump tower everyyyyy day)

where my gossip girl fans at? this tree in the lotte palace courtyard was stunning! can't help but thinking about serena and dan every time i walked past.

all of ralph's presents i ordered online came the same day ha! it looked a little obnoxious.

we had a little date down to the city bakery to try their famous hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows. if you are into basically a melted dark chocolate bar in a cup...this is your treat! it was way too rich for us, but glad we finally tried it! 

one morning, i ventured to brooklyn to wander around. i found the famous peter pan's donut and pastry shop, and fell in love! as if the tinsel wasn't enough...the donuts are goooooood.

i finally got to see ralph's favorite team play! it's no secret the gochnour's love duke. they were playing florida at madison square garden, so we had to go! cute ralph came in his suit and tie from the office, had to take a couple calls during the game, and went straight back to work after (poor guy) but we loved being at MSG and seeing the blue devils.

another shot of the upper east side. amazing, right!?

our tiny tree in all it's glory! ralph was SO sweet to carry it all the way home, ya know, cause it was so heavy ;) haha

the nativity tree at the met is incredible!

i ended up seeing the rockettes christmas spectacular THREE TIMES. it is definitely a must if you are in the city during december, but as of now, i think i am good for a while haha

everyone needs to experience december in new york!