visitors, visitors, visitors!

if there is anything we have gotten our money's worth for thus far in new york, it is our air mattress! the gochnour penthouse has been at full occupancy the past month, and we love it so much. i feel like i have been a professional tourist the past few weeks and let me tell ya. it's the good life. ha!

*we call it the gochnour penthouse as a joke. we are on the top floor of our building, but our little tiny studio is very much not a penthouse haha*

our first visitors were my baby sister and brother in law! i can't tell you how hard it is to live away from my sister, so a week with her in the city was just the best. she is go-go-go which i love, and we accomplished so much in that week!

we are kindred souls and i knew taking her to greenwich village was a good idea. she soaked up all the new-england-charm and brick-goodness like me!

we are also sisters because we ordered the same food 99% of the time.

they surprised me with beautiful white roses outside my door after they left! 

while emilie + michael were still in town, my cuzzy carol and her husband grady came in town for the barclay's golf tournament! friday night we had SIX PEOPLE sleeping in our apartment. it was truly a game of tetris to get to the bathroom. (just FYI, our studio barely fits two people, let alone SIX.) but it actually worked out wonderfully, and there is no crew i would have rather had for our big sleepover!

our best buds jen and phil came in for the long labor day weekend! we loved loved having them here, and ralph about cried happy tears when he saw his best bud phil! they were so happy watching dual screens of football in our studio. it was great. luckily, ralph hardly had to work the whole long weekend so it was amazing to spend so much time all together. the weather also cooled down so much, we were in heaven!

you cannot visit us and NOT get juliana's pizza in dumbo. truly. best pizza i have ever had in my 26 years of living! (and that is a big statement considering i've been to italy!) we weren't complaining about eating there three times in a few weeks ;)

brunch at bubby's in the meatpacking district. a new fave!

gray's papaya dog. another staple!

that same weekend our cute cousins mark + cami came in town from california! we all brunched at the smith, biked central park, waited 30 minutes for a levain cookie, hung on the rooftop and went to the outdoor met opera. SO FUN.

we loved our visitors!!! come back soon, ya hear?!

(p.s. absolutely loving the fact that i get to call this incredible city home)