a few of my favorite things | part one

i have an ongoing list of favorite things i either send to my mom, sister, friends etc. and i thought it would be fun to pass along these little faves to whoever happens to stumble across this place! i always love hearing what things people are loving, and so i decided to share the wealth.

1. dior nail glow - i am giving my nails a much needed gel break, and i am in love with this stuff. it only enhances your natural nails, making the pinks pinker and the whites whiter. it gives such a pretty clear coat. big fan!

2. home by carson ellis - i have obsession with children's books. while ralph and i were in seattle a while back for our anniversary, we stumbled across this one. my heart stopped as i flipped through the pages. so simple, sweet, and beautifully done.

3. little women soundtrack - this movie and soundtrack are so so special to me. they immediately take me to my grandmother's basement in the fall when i was a little girl twirling around with my cousins in our sunday dresses. come september, this is on all the time. nothing makes me more nostalgic!

4. lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt - this. stuff. is. gold. i can promise you ever since i discovered it, i haven't left the grocery store without a bar. the creamiest dark chocolate with a subtle hint of sea salt. it's perfection. i have a couple squares every night after dinner and it is one of the highlights of my day!