hayley and baby girl come to the city

this little peach and her baby girl (coming january!) came in to visit and life is just better when this gal is around. hayley and i lived together, worked together, taught primary together, etc. etc. so needless to say it is hard to live away from her! she snuck away to visit me before the baby comes and it was a perfect week of just being with her. she is one of those people where there we could literally talk for hours and hours and it never feels like enough time!

some of the highlights from her visit: 

eating patsy's pizza while it poured rain outside, shopping in soho and eating the best tacos at la esquina, walking the highline and finally trying people's pops and melt's red velvet cream cheese ice cream sandwiches, wandering central park, sitting on the steps of grand central, watching movies at the end of every day, lots of levain cookies, enjoying the perfect nyc september weather, cramming into the subway during rush hour, feeling baby girl kick in her tummy!!!! and buying lots of darling baby clothes, etc. etc. etc. 

after the met, we got caught in the BIGGEST RAINSTORM. not kidding, the rain drops were the size of grapes and the wind was swirling and swirling, it was truly crazy! we were laughing hysterically as we tried to hail a cab for 20 minutes and there was not one open cab and a 25 minute wait for an uber. it looked like we just jumped in a swimming pool! after it calmed down we decided to bag it and just walk across central park. best decision ever! it was the dreamiest i have ever seen it. absolutely everyone was gone, and the whole place was just illuminated. we agreed it was worth being completely drenched.

i made hayley stand here and get a bump pic so we could always remember it! of course, even after being thrashed in a rainstorm she managed to look flawless.

is she not every pregnant girls dream?! cutest ever!

until next time! (we are already planning her next trip!) miss her soooo much already.