saturday date | statue of liberty + rooftop tacos

another saturday date! ralph had to go into work that morning, but i crashed the party and joined since it was the weekend. we ordered patsy's pizza there and i watched the olympics while he worked. this weekend was summer streets in manhattan, where they close down park avenue to cars, so people are jogging, walking all down the avenue! that was happening as we got to his work so we were able to participate for a minute. 

we cruised down to grand central which is about a five minute walk from ralph's office. fun fact about grand central! (indulge me) the painting in gold of the constellations is backwards. no one knows for sure how the mix up occured, but the Vanderbilt family claimed that the zodiac was intended to be viewed from a divine perspective rather than a human one. and there is your random nyc fun fact of the day! 

ralph had NEVER seen the statue in liberty!!! i was feeling guilty that all of our trips and living here for almost 2 months it took so long. we hopped on the staten island ferry (which is free!) and sailed to staten island. when we came home, i made veggie tacos and we ate on the rooftop and watched the olympics. (three cheers for the olympics!!! i couldn't stop watching) and the mister softee just happens to be parked RIGHT outside our apartment every night......