saturday date | farmer's market + sarabeth's

workin' for the weekend. but seriously. i don't know what we would do without saturday and sunday! when your husband is an investment banker... your time together is precious! we have a big bucket list that we are slowly crossing off every saturday to make the most of our free days. a couple weeks ago, i flew home for a family reunion in jackson hole. since ralph unfortunately couldn't come along, we made sure to use every hour before i left!

we woke up to a heat advisory warning in the city (!!!) but that didn't stop us, even when we walked outside and got a biiiiiiiig hug from that dang humidity. it is no joke! makes me always question why i bothered to shower!!! (ha!)

we walked the union square farmer's market (so cute!) and ended up at sarabeth's for brunch. i have to admit. i hate ralph's long hours, but i do love that it has made us completely present and thankful for any time we get to be together.