a week in the tetons

my favorite trip of the year!!! jackson hole is such a special place for me and my family. we have gone every year since i was a baby, and i can't imagine my summer without it. all my cousins gather from all over the country and we spend the week under the tetons. i was a little worried since we moved it would be difficult to go, but it worked out and i am so grateful. it felt so refreshing to be there, especially coming from the city. the air was crisp, it actually cooled down at night, and everything looked more beautiful than ever. 

some highlights of the trip:

+ walking huckleberry drive at sunset

+ the family talent show and chocolate shakes

+ biking from moose to jenny lake

+  pizza in town square, and candy by the pound at yippy-i-o for the play

    + kayaking down the snake through big kahuna and lunch counter

+ seeing my doggie henry!!!!!!!!!!!

after jackson, all the girl cousins + aunts hopped in the car and took a very quick road trip down to st. george. how do people go there in the summer?! TOO HOT. we mainly went to see the hunchback of notre dame at the beautiful tuacahn theatre. my grandma loves that theatre and is turning 95 next month, so it was a little birthday trip! we were there less than 24 hours and turned around. lots of driving!

hysterical/cute story for you all to end with.

i flew the red eye home and brought a huge checked bag with a bunch of things i forgot the first time around. i looked so scary carrying a million things, an extra pillow, two sweatshirts around my hips (YEP) and if any of you have taken the subway to the airport...it takes a while and leaves you a hot mess. (orrrrrr maybe it's just me).

 as i got off at penn station to get on the next train, i was waiting on one of the benches. this elderly man sat next to me and said dead serious, "you're not homeless... are you?"


 i looked like a homeless person traveling with my belongings with no home. rock bottom ladies and gents. gotta love this city for that, always keepin' ya super humble and grounded. hahaha.

just as this cute man was questioning if i were homeless or not..........

i see ralph turn the corner white roses and all, ready to help carry everything the rest of the way. (it was so so early!) he was tracking me on his phone to see where i was! it was the best surprise and sweetest gesture, considering his sleep is so precious, and since i clearly...NEEDED HELP.

just keepin' it real here in NYC!