the final countdown

how is it already july! i thought this month would never come. we knew we were moving to new york city back in october, and july always felt like a million years away. (i loved how my calendar seemed to know where i was heading this month!)

i made a big to-do list for june. it's crazy how much has to been done to move across the country! some of my to-do's were to eat at my favorite places in salt lake while i still could. tigers blood with extra cream is my favorite thing in the world. i went there for dinner a couple of times ;)

ralph had to start training in the south in early june. which meant we wouldn't see each other for a MONTH. that is a long time to be away from your spouse! luckily there is facetime, and we were both super busy and distracted with moving + working. we were apart on our 3rd anniversary, which was so sad, but we actually still managed to make it a fun day.

i secretly mailed a package to his hotel, and he arranged with his mom to deliver a gift to me! we were both so surprised the other did something since it was such a crazy month and we were so far away from each other. ralph was laughing saying he was so proud of himself thinking i didn't do anything for him, and he was so on top of it! 

(and big pats on the back to us, the traditional third year anniversary gift is leather, and we both managed to incorporate that! his was a leather cell phone case, and mine was wrapped in leather. i'm a nerd i know, but i love staying traditional!)

my darling dad. he knew ralph was gone for our anniversary, so he took me on a date to dinner, sno-cones, and watched my favorite movie you've got mail that night. we went to get my favorite southwest chicken wrap at citris grill. he really is the biggest sweetheart. 

picture ralph sent me of the other analysts! (side note: ralph is the only guy who wears skinny ties!) these guys are either going to dallas, little rock, san francisco, chicago, atlanta, and new york. so happy we are the latter!

the past 3 1/2 years i worked for my dad as his assistant. the night before my last day, i went to bed teary knowing it was almost over. we had such a special time together, and we became truly best friends. there is no one i respect more than my dad, and i love him so so much. 

i made some cookies for all my co-workers, and when i got to the office they planned a last lunch for me, had balloons and a little going away gift! they are all so sweet and i loved being at pentad.

i got to babysit my favorite little family in the world right before i left. we made a big fort in their parents bed and all slept together! little claire just laid on my chest the whole night and tickled my arm until she fell asleep. i almost started crying because these kids seriously feel like my own! they are family.

my girl carol came down to be with me before i left town. luckily i will still see her lots this year or i don't know how i would function!

the night before i left i found the sweetest note and gift from my little sister. i just cried when i read it because it started feeling real that i would be away from her + my family. how great to love people so much that it breaks your heart to be away from them!

a couple hours before i was off to NYC! what a wild couple months, but so ready to start this new chapter of life!