may + june

goodness, i don't even know where to start. i am so behind documenting on this little blog, but now that i am settled i have some major catching up to do! lots and lots happened this early summer, here are a few things i hope to remember.

since i was going to be out of town for my actual birthday, i was still able to celebrate with family + friends. between my husband mom, mother in-law, and friends i am always so spoiled.

ralph graduated! we were also out of town for his actual graduation at the U, but i still made him wear the cap + gown so we felt like it actually happened haha.

knowing i was moving, i took every chance to hang with my favorite little buddy. we went on so many walks, took lots of naps, and hung out all the time. i'm obsessed with my dog and i don't care who knows it ;) 

ralph taking a break from moving/packing. rough stuff. 

lots of late nights spent doing wedding calligraphy. 

ralph's mom is amazing. she is always throwing a party, shower, cooking a huge meal, or celebrating something. she threw a little goodbye party for us before ralph left for training. 

one of ralph's last days in salt lake city, she planned a little progressive dinner to get all his favorite foods. first stop, chick fil a for chicken fingers (please bless) second stop, mcdonald's for their fries + coke, third stop, apollo burger for a corn dog (no words) fourth stop, 711 for candy and fifth stop, snow cones! it was so sweet and we had the best time driving around getting these things. 

we went up to logan for memorial day to visit some of our best friends: nicole + tyler, and caroline + grady. so fun being with them, and nicole made us this yummy angel food cake!

we also went to trip of my life!! (plenty more of that later)

we went to newport with my family the week before ralph left. it was so so fun, and we loved being right on the beach the whole week. we went to disneyland (we wouldn't be gochnours if we didn't!), tried cronut holes (YES, THEY ARE AMAZING) and it was a blast. i love my family so much!

....and the rest was consumed with we-are-moving-across-the-country and we have a lot to do!