well! we officially live in new york city! i still can't wrap my head around it, but i truly could not be happier. it has been such a whirlwind few weeks. life is 100% different than it was back on the west coast, but in all such fun and exciting ways. there is no where else i would rather be.

when i flew out, my darling parents joined to help me get acclimated while ralph was still in the south training. i don't know what i would have done without them!!! 

we spent the week (and the fourth of july!) exploring, eating, walking, unpacking, sweating (this NYC humidity is no. joke.) and running 800 errands getting things for the apartment. my dad spoiled us with the yummiest dinners, brunches, broadway shows, all in between the moving in process. 

we slept all together in my tiny studio on air mattresses, it seriously felt like camping for a few days. since we flew out and could only bring so many suitcases, we got here to no toilet paper, towels, sheets, etc. etc. etc. but they were such troopers and we had the best time! such a wonderful memory with my cute parents i will never forget.

this place in the summer is magical!

 (except the subway in the summer. definitely not magical in that hot little joint haha)

our apartment is in the upper west side, and i am convinced it's the best spot in the city. even though our little studio is the size of my high school bedroom, i have never loved every square inch of a place more. 

while ralph is working, after i have finished errands, (which take about five times longer than normal haha) i just pop my headphones in, pick a spot on the island, and go explore for the day. (i have a pretty good time with myself, if i am being perfectly honest) haha and i know this complete freedom won't last forever so i am just soaking it all in while i can.

one of my dreams came TRUE (seriously, this has been on my bucket list forever!) was to go to a yankees / red sox game. i love the boston red sox, and have been a fan since i was a little girl. since it was big papi's last year on the team, it was the perfect time to go. we sat so high up, the players looked like ants (poor people probs), but we loved being there and cheering on boston. just a red sox gal livin in a new york world ;)

also, side note. my mom is truly an angel. i was on the phone with her telling her how excited i was to go to the baseball game, but it was such a bummer i didn't have my red sox hat, etc. here. she secretly raced home, mailed me my hat and ralph's shirt and it got here two days later. all so we could wear them proudly to the game! that woman is the best thing on the planet.

you can pretty much find me up on our rooftop for the rest of forever. since our apartment is so small, it is so nice to come up here and get some fresh air. it's a fun way to meet our neighbors who also live in the building. i am just a tad obsessed with it!

i feel like something crazy/hilarious/random happens every day in this place, so i plan on updating this more frequently so i don't forget any of it!

until then!