springtime in az!

continuing on our west coast fun before the move! our cute friends invited us to spend a long weekend at their family's second home in mesa, arizona. i distantly remember visiting arizona when i was young, but have no real memories of it. we were so thrilled when they asked! we really needed some sun, relaxing, and vacation time. i feel like all we have done lately is plan for the move, sell furniture, figure out apartment stuff, etc. so this was a nice little break.

while waiting for our breakfast reservation, we walked around the gilbert farmers market. so cute. they had a stand with homemade popcorn that was soooo yummy. (we love our popcorn) and a cinnamon + sugar flavor i am dying to recreate.

we ate at the restaurant snooze for breakfast! WOW. we loved this place so much we went twice! i was begging the server to give me their granola recipe because it was so unreal. i'm pretty sure the conversation the entire meal revolved around how good the meal was :) 

(they also had corn hole and ping pong tables to play as you wait! it was great.)

we all went to 'happy feet reflexology' after, which is basically a massage with your clothes on!  they took us into our own little couples room, and then we were given a full body rub for an hour! (except ralph's masseuse requested his shirt off...i was dying) it was really nice. (really interesting at moments) but overall a fun thing to experience! i guess it is really popular down there!

one of my favorite parts of the trip was going running around their community early in the morning. something about that morning arizona sun was so beautiful!

isn't their backyard a dream!? ralph truly woke up at 6 am every morning to chip and putt on this green. he was in literal heaven.

big shout out to these cuties for inviting us!!! best hosts. it was bryce's 30th birthday so it was fun participating in all the birthday activities with him ;)

ever since we had red velvet in our wedding cake, that is the only cake/cupcake i crave! 

look at these models. 

such a dreamy trip we will always remember!