husband is twenty six!

this past friday, ralph turned 26! it was such a fun and simple day. ralph never wants to make a big deal about his birthday, and does not like to be the center of attention. he wanted to work the whole day, and when i suggested having some close friends over for dessert and games later that night, he said yes, "but we don't need to tell them it's my birthday. they could just come over for fun." mmkay.

we had a little breakfast in bed, and he woke up to me dumping balloons on his face. haha. the first thing i ever saw on my birthday growing up was a ceiling full of bright balloons! my mom would sneak into our rooms in the middle of the night and cover our bedroom in them. so i sorta can't help it! you should always wake up feeling right away like it's your birthday, am i right?

since he even wanted to work through his lunch break......(who does that?!)


i just brought him and his coworkers some donuts. haha he is nuts, but i think he was happy with this delivery.

as you can see...the way to his heart is food. aka, sugar.

we went to our favorite thai restaurant for dinner just us two, and after with his friends we sang happy birthday (to his dismay haha), ate cookies, cake (yellow box cake with chocolate frosting, his only birthday request every year) and played pickleball all night. he said it was the perfect day! most simple man in the world!

ralph is the biggest joy, and best person i could have dreamed up for myself. he wakes up singing and smiling every morning, (yes, singing) and is always so level-headed and pleasant. he always puts my feelings and wants as priority and over his own. i've never met someone who is truly in a good mood 99% of their life, but that is ralph! he is always content, easy to please, and loves doing whatever will make others happy. lucky me! happy 26 ralph, i love you!