snowbasin weekend

staycations are the best. this past weekend, our friends planned a ski getaway up to snowbasin resort. that place is beautiful!!! i highly recommend it to anyone! we started with a fun dinner at a  bbq restaurant in layton, then headed to the mountains to the house we rented. so beautiful! and a place i would have never really thought to go.

the lodge was incredible. the owner is earl holding, who also owns the grand america hotel. you can see the same aesthetic there. beautiful, beautiful place. and amazing food! (ralph still managed to order chicken fingers and fries...sigh)

we had so much fun making a big pasta dinner after skiing, watching movies, and playing the best game of sardines till 2 in the morning. i promise we are all adults haha. it seriously felt like we were in junior high again! all my friends got a little spooked by turning off the lights and hiding in the big house in the middle of nowhere. it was so fun and funny, although some of the girls might say otherwise ;) 

utah just giving me heart eyes all the time lately! especially since we are leaving so soon. trying to soak up this place as much as i can!