valentines in jackson

since we are only living on the west coast a few more months, i am making it my personal mission to 1. do as many west-coast-y things as we can before we leave and 2. to get ralph so sick of vacations and little trips, by the time he starts working he won't wish for days off! because the won't exist...(sadly)

no, but really, a couple weeks ago we got some more information about his new job, and very boldly it declares, "from your start date and until january 2017 you will have ZERO vacation days" we already sorta knew that, but still. SO. now you see the purpose of my mission.

we spent the first part of our weekend in logan to visit my cousin and her husband. it was freezing and gloomy but we took a drive to the idaho hot springs which hit the spot. such great people watching at those things. but they were super nice, and felt so good to relax in! we had a fun homemade valentines dinner and loved just being with them. 

late that night, we hit the road again and ventured up to the BEST place on earth! jackson hole, wyoming. i go there every summer, so it is fun to mix it up and go experience it in the winter. 

we met up with hayley and brad (our roomies) who rented a tiny cabin! it was SO FUN. they were so nice! the shower even had like 20 different spouts shooting water in every direction. felt so fancy haha. anyways. i highly recommend them! such a fun way to experience jackson. (we all laughed how the size of this tiny cabin is probably even bigger than our apartment will be in the city. LOL.)

had to pack ralph's little valentine with us for the drive! 

we woke up on valentines and decided to go snow shoeing for the first time! K WHAT. it is so fun! we were all laughing when we were reading reviews about rentals, etc. and someone wrote, "snow shoeing is just a much slower, and more tiring way of getting around anywhere."  

we had little cooper, their baby mini labradoodle join us! he made the whole trip! ralph carried him in his backpack and he was the cutest little thing. he had a little sweater and everything. the only bummer was not seeing the tetons due to the clouds, but it was amazing regardless. so fun snow shoeing over lakes i swim in every summer!

tried haagen dazs caramel cone for the first time...umm WHAT. best ice cream ever! why hasn't anyone told me till now!!!! (looking at you hayley.) my life is changed.

thanks to brad and hayley, and caroline and grady for such a fun long weekend! can't wait to keep these little weekends rolling!