happy thanksgiving, back.

my parents flew into town for thanksgiving and it was the BEST. i was looking forward to this for so long and i loved having them all to myself for a whole week! 

chelsea market + the highline! always a good day spent there.

christmas trees popping up on every corner + my beautiful mama? can't get any better.


on thanksgiving eve, the upper west side shuts down a few blocks to blow up the balloons for the parade. we got hot chocolate and wandered around the natural history museum to see them. they were blasting christmas music and it was SO fun.

we decided we needed to prep our stomachs for thanksgiving dinner and pre game with some new york pizza!

THE DAY I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR -- FOR SO LONG! i have had attending the macy's thanksgiving day parade on my bucket list for probably as long as i have had a bucket list. it was everything i wanted it to be and was so magical. every thanksgiving morning since i was a little girl i would run into the living room and watch the parade while my parents were prepping for the dinner. it is so nostalgic for me! 

ralph and i woke up at 3:45 and walked over a few blocks to central park west to make sure we had front row seats. it was chilly, but not too bad at all! my parents came around 6:15 and showed up with hot chocolate and pastries. we sat by a darling hawaiian family who had a daughter doing the hula in the parade! we were laughing with them that they must be REALLY cold ha. then they started talking about how they were just in the ocean yesterday and it was 85 degrees there anddddd then we all got a little depressed that we didnt have a trip to hawaii booked any time soon ha.

9 am!! we made it! it was so fun and SO worth it being on the front row! everyone came by to us high fiving and throwing confetti on us, it was seriously so fun. 

the BEST kick off to thanksgiving morning! i don't know how we can ever spend it any different after this!

pretty sure i am still finding confetti in my apartment.

we had the best thanksgiving dinner at Bubby's down in tribeca. they make the yummiest food, and we loved every bite! i made sure to make reservations where they served traditional thanksgiving food and they sure delivered. 

more signs of christmas in grand central!

the brooklyn flea market + smorgasburg!

my dad got us tickets to see the holiday inn on broadway. we are big irving berlin fan's around here so it was a treat.

sunday brunch at the smith! their eggs benedict are all i think about.

these boys satisfying their sweet tooth with a magnolia bakery cupcake.

ralph spotted lauren graham and peter krause when we were in the west village. i had no idea they were dating in real life! made it even better. (this only applies to parenthood + gilmore girl fans)

always so hard seeing these cutie pies leave. sad knowing i wont see them until after christmas, but so grateful they were able to spend a thanksgiving in the city.