halloween weekend!

our first halloween in new york was a big success! i'm pretty sure this city does halloween better than anywhere. every brownstone is covered in pumpkins, spider webs, haystacks, etc. it really is incredible!  

since halloween was on a monday, we basically celebrated for three days straight. one of the best memories was on halloween morning. we walked out of our apartment on our way to ralphs office, and walking down the street was a man in a full on chicken costume very casually carrying his briefcase. we both looked at each other and just grinned. i love halloween! 

the saturday before, we spent most of the day in the park. we found fun spots we had never walked before, and wandered to the belvedere castle and through the ramble. the leaves were so beautiful. you can't really tell in these two pictures above ha but it's so great to see them FINALLY start to change! they seem to be the last to join the party, as our friends and family back in utah got their fall leaves fix weeks ago!

these stoops! i cannot handle it.

halloween in the city means all the local shops and restaurants also give candy to the trick or treaters. its a big community effort and so much fun to be apart of. (also, THANK YOU new york for not having cars and parking lots for trunk or treating! what is up with that? i am so anti)

on days i am not working, i truly just WANDER FOR HOURS. ralph will randomly text me, "so...where are you walking around today?" i just cannot get enough of this city and my favorite thing to do it walk out of my apartment and just see where my feet take me that day.

saturday night, we went and celebrated mari's birthday by taking a nyc big bus out on the town! i had never done a tour bus before and it was FUN. such a great way to explore the city! we were driving through times square and everyone was laughing that this was the only way to do times square, above the crowds! it was so magical riding through there with all the lights late at night. i feel so lucky to have met such a darling group of girls here. everyone knows what its like to have a husband who work long hours, and just the ins and outs of living in the big city.

afterwards we all went to sugar and plumm for dinner/desserts. these were some yummy pumpkin macarons!

this brownstone was CRAZY. i wish you all could see it in person. every time i passed there were several people outside just staring at it. amazing.

in the upper west side, they block off several streets for the trick or treaters. on one particular street, it is a full on production! there were a few brownstones that became a pirates of the caribbean ship where they draped large white "sails" down the whole apartment, and had a treasure chest packed and packed with candy. a harry potter theme, ghostbuster theme, game of thrones, a huge batman house, and on and on and on. 


afterwards we were invited to friends for a yummy halloween dinner, costumes, and treats. and, ralph was able to meet us! hallelujah! thanks to his bank for not keeping him until midnight! ;)

i love september and october, but i REALLY love november and december. bring on the pumpkin pie, parades, and holidays in the city!