new york state of mind

we just got back from a little trip visiting our future york city! it still feels so surreal to say that. we are so excited and ready to start our life on the east coast. living in that city has been on my bucket list since i was a little girl, and to be honest, it was not something i thought would actually happen! i'm still trying to wrap my head around it. basically, i am on cloud nine!

my favorite corner of new york city is probably this one. where the plaza meets 5th avenue and central park. it always feels so magical, and you can bet if you ever visit me this will be a stop!

all my favorite fictional characters, old actors, musicians, books and movies were in new york city. this is holly golightly's apartment in the upper east side in breakfast at tiffany's. ralph is a good sport :) 

i sortof fell in love with greenwich village this trip. i hadn't spent much time there in the past, and man. that little neighborhood is packed with charm. ralph kept saying how he didn't feel like we were in the city anymore, and more like new england with all the brick apartments. so true, we loved it! wouldn't mind living in that beautiful little place. 

the city had valentines popping up everywhere, and my heart would just swell! i love a good valentine display. 

it was fun walking wall street, especially after watching the big short! and you should have seen the line to get a picture with the charging bull. this was just fine with us haha

ralph's love language.... :)

we stayed at my cute friend lindsay's apartment in brooklyn. she has the best taste and her apartment was so dreamy! she had an incredible view of manhattan, the tallest ceilings, and her whole place is filled with such beautiful things. this picture doesn't do any justice! and she is just a sweetheart.

cute children's book all about new york! need to stock up for my future littles!

one night, we met up with ralph's cute cousin rosie and her husband who happened to be in town visiting from boston. we had such a yummy dinner in the upper west side. we ate at jacob's pickle and it was dang good. southern comfort food! pickles! homemade root beer!  highly recommend it, but expect to wait a hot minute to get in. i am sad we didn't get a picture but it was such a fun night. 

i took ralph to the MoMa since he had never been. it was hysterical to say the least. i majored in art so i appreciate all types and forms, but something i learned...

modern art and ralph gochnour do not mesh. LOL.

we walked into a room where there was just a strand of lightbulbs in the middle of the room, with a large crowd staring at it. i wish i had his face recorded, because he kinda looked around with such a confused expression, and sincerely said, "am i missing something? we are all staring at lightbulbs..." every exhibit he would pretend to analyze it, it was classic. the rest of the trip anything funky or weird, he would just tell me, "abby. you just don't understand the meaning." haha oh my gosh. (but he really loves the MET so don't worry, he does appreciate art!)

i love all the different horses and carriages all dressed differently alongside central park. i don't know if this is normal, but that day every horse had huge flowers and decor on them, all in different colors, along with the carriage. i didn't get a picture but it was great. 

we hit up the brooklyn flea + smorgasbord and it was UNREAL. somewhere i will always recommend to anyone. such fabulous stuff and FOOD. so many food trucks that were divine. it was indoor since it is winter, but i heard it is the place to be in the summer. 

ralph was at the firm he will be working at, so i had a couple hours to burn wandering new york by myself. NO PROB AT ALL. there is no where else i would rather explore! i am always immediately drawn to central park, it is just my favorite place to be! 

i know kissing pictures are the worst and everything but when a cute southern woman takes your picture and tells you to do it, you do it! this was in SoHo, such a fun place. 

this was such an important trip for us to actually browse neighborhoods and get a feel for the place we will be living! i saw the city in such a different light knowing the next time we will be there, we won't have a flight back home! we are so grateful for the chance to live there. the whole time i kept saying, "ah i am just so excited!!!" and ralph would say, "man, i would have never guessed!" ;) see you in a few months, new york!