sunny new years

we escaped the cold temps in salt lake and hit the road to sunny california to end 2015 and ring in the new year! let me tell you, that warmth was much needed. (it wasn't even that warm for california, but anything felt better than our icy weather back home!) we hit the road the day before new years eve with our buds jen and phil, and enjoyed the entire serial podcast on the drive. (i have mixed feelings!) but kept us very entertained!

on new years eve, we woke up and hiked the top of the world hike in laguna beach and got some breakfast at ruby's diner. (this is always ralph's ONE request anytime we are there. he lives for those chocolate milkshakes!) then hit up the pool and hot tub. we were dying how pale we were. we also went and saw the big short. such a fast paced, smart, funny, and important story.

new years eve night was fab. we got thai take out from our favorite thai restaurant in laguna, went to the beach and had a bonfire with martinelli's and music. we just sat and chatted while the waves crashed, it was wonderful. we played frank sinatra and "auld lang syne" all night. i don't know how i will ever top this new years!

we woke up suuuper early on new years and drove to pasadena to see the rose parade with my cousins. we had cinnamon rolls, cheese and crackers, hot chocolate, clementines, the works. and that parade. SO UNDERRATED. let me tell you. i hadn't been since i was a tiny girl, so i didn't really have any memory of it. this parade is INCREDIBLE! everything on the floats have to be living, so it is covered in flowers and plants. i was seriously blown away! if you are ever in california over new years, you have to go or you are missing out big time! 

downton abbey float! they had the mom, cora crawley, the real actress on the float! it played the theme song as it went by, pretty magical!

the bachelor! lol. 

little overboard on the pictures, but can you blame me?! those don't do even a slice of justice. we absolutely loved it.

sooooo.....are we shocked about this next stop. i found the father of the bride house. ha am i the biggest joke or what! i think its a disease. i love finding homes from films. and i love this movie, and when i realized we were a quick 10 minute drive away? no question. jen and i were so excited. ha oh the things i put ralph through ;) just kidding, he loves it too. i think. 

after the parade, we went to my cousin elizabeth's beautiful new home and had the BEST homemade pizza, played games, ate more, and watched football. i feel so lucky that i love my cousins and extended family soo much.

our last day was spent in newport and laguna. we played kubb on the beach, ate yummy food + donuts, and ralph surprised me with a pedicure (nicest possible way for him to say i needed one desperately lol) while jen and phil ate at the crab cooker - we aren't fish people. i know, i know. everyone tells us we just haven't had the right fish. trust us, we have. one of the reasons we married each other ;)

sad this mini-trip is already over! always looking forward to next time.