merry little christmas

i'm only half depressed christmas has come and gone. mainly because i cannot wait for this new year to begin! i have so many plans and exciting things happening, i sort-of feel like i am living in my own dream! but christmas was so great this year. even though it flew by, it felt a little calmer than most years, allowing us to pause and soak up the beautiful season.

i tried to cut costs where i could this year, and instead of spending money on wrapping paper, i grabbed some butcher paper and watercolors and went to town! 

all month i felt like we were living inside a snow globe! utah was seriously perfect and fulfilled all of my many december dreams. i thought this sledding scene was the cutest thing and made me so happy. 

we have a family tradition of staying at the grand america downtown the weekend before christmas. we see the lights, go hot tubbing and play games all night, then wake up and see a movie that saturday morning. it has become one of my favorite things! this was a window display at the grand this year, and it tugged on my heart strings. i thought it was so beautiful. 

fun christmas dinner at our house with a bunch of friends before christmas!

many nights in december were spent with this girl and i'm very happy about it. 

my favorite doggie in the whole world!!! seriously my obsession with him grows daily if you can even believe it :)

this girl. she is the mvp from my 2015. someone i am convinced was meant to be in my life. she is truly the perfect friend. we live together, work together, teach primary together, and still choose to hang out together ha! and i can honestly say i have never once been sick of her the past two years and we see each other all day every day. anyone who knows her knows she is as beautiful on the inside as she is out. her birthday is a few days before christmas and i forced her to wear that homemade birthday crown and let me embarrass her with those balloons at lunch. 

the night of hay's birthday we went up to the st. regis for dessert and went night sledding on the ski slopes. totally illegal but seriously the best. 

how beautiful is liberty park? it's my new fave spot. i have worked right next to it the past few years and have really grown to appreciate it. this park was designed by the same person who designed central park. maybe thats why i love it so much!

the MVP of christmas. little hans! it's crazy how much more fun the holidays are with a little babe around. he is seriously always smiling and trying to talk. 

visiting christmas street is a must! 

we continued our tradition on christmas eve morning of doing a progressive breakfast at our apartment, will + olivia's, and ralph's parents. such a fun morning to look forward to! 

my mother in law does such a darling job with christmas decor. 

duke the dog! this is ralph's parents dog named after the duke blue devils in north carolina where ralph was born. he is always dressed in this santa outfit on christmas eve and i can't handle it ha!

christmas eve is better than christmas day in my opinion!

cute boys in their matching pj's

my mom did a slam dunk job on these jammies, i haven't been able to get out of mine since! 

christmas eve night was hilarious. it was snowing like crazy and my dad came up with the idea to hot tub and go sledding in our suits. ha! it was so fun. henry (the dog) was SO confused and nervous when my mom was sledding. he was being such a protective doggie :)

christmas morning was so beautiful. it was a winter wonderland and snowed as we opened presents and ate breakfast. 

hans loving christmas morning! those cheeks are so squishy and the best. 

i ended christmas night watching it's a wonderful life. it's one of the best movies ever made -- ever. if you haven't seen it, RUN and go watch! i know it's in black and white, (that tends to scare people off) but you will finish the movie having all the feels. i have watched it every year since i was a little girl and it's so special to me. you will fall in love with george bailey and bedford falls. okay, end rant. 

sad to see this magical season go -- but excited to start the new year!