holiday on ice

i wish i could relive last weekend all over again! our annual trip to the lake after thanksgiving is always magic.

this year we woke up early, stopped in park city and did some black friday shopping, then continued on to the lake.  do i dare say it's my favorite weekend of the whole year? it is something i look forward to all year long.  

bear lake is amazing year round, but it's my personal favorite in the winter. people think i am crazy when i say that, because the lake is... frozen (ha) but i love it. the lake is still it's infamous turquoise but surrounded by sparkly snow, all the tourists are gone, and you feel like the whole town is yours. christmas music is buzzing through the cabin, and you wake up to snow flurries coming down outside your window. and tell me what is better than sitting by an old fashioned fireplace, eating homemade popcorn and watching your favorite VHS movies all day? i rest my case.

we have a little tradition of stringing up lights on our white picket fence while we are there for the weekend. my window looks right at it while i sleep, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. 

henry looking out for the deer, turkeys, bunnies, and basically anything with feet. such a good little watch dog. and so intimidating. :)

getting our tree hunt on! it was especially magical this year. (how many times am i going to use the word magic in this post? not enough) the snow was perfect, flurrying the whole time, and the trees were showing off like crazy. these pictures don't do justice!

sooooo fun having this nugget with me again. i've done this without her the past three years! it was never the same without her.

just a good little shake to check out our tree options. ralph did all the hard work ;)

our evergreen!

this little trail is in the back of our cabin property. is is the prettiest place to take walks and opens up to a beautiful field. 

hans was the real champion the whole trip. he is the best baby. just chills and smiles all day long. seriously, i don't think we could be more obsessed with that little dude! any time he would go down for a nap, we would all wait impatiently for him to wake up again.

always thankful for a perfect thanksgiving holiday at the lake.