carolina on my mind

over the long president's weekend, we were lucky enough to join my in-law's on a trip to north carolina! i've always always wanted to go and see where ralph was born. i love hearing all the stories of the life they had there, so it was so special to see first hand!

first off, the weather felt amazing. there were trees with pink blossoms and it's crazy what a little southern sunshine can do for you. i'm definitely not used to that much warmth in february! 

the house the gochnour's lived in! i've seen countless videos of ralph and his younger brother will running around in this backyard, eating mac + cheese in the kitchen, and celebrating holidays in the living room. it is the cutest house, and we were even invited in by the owner to check out the inside. 

we stopped by the minor league Durham Bulls stadium and it was the coolest thing. when we were very first married, i hunted down a durham bulls shirt and hat for ralph since he would go to the games when he was little. there was a picture in the local newspaper of ralph sitting by the fence when he was three years old! 

those southern biscuits. dang. something i could get used to living in the south!!

the main reason we went that weekend was to see the duke blue devils play in cameron indoor stadium! another thing i have always wanted to do with ralph. it such a fun and crazy experience, and such spiritual grounds for ralph. pretty sure if he is ever bugged with me, all i need to do is put on that new duke sweatshirt and i can do no wrong ;) 

the original durham crew!

i fell in love with the town of durham, and love seeing it first hand. the suburbs got me the most, house after house was so beautiful and tucked in a forest of tall mossy trees. already planning my next trip down south because this weekend wasn't enough!

valentines in new york

i love every holiday in new york! although valentines was on a tuesday this year, (and ralph is pretty much non-existent on week days) i did my best to make sure he felt loved and celebrated none the less. 

the night before valentines, my friend catherine and i ran around the grocery store to grab food for our husbands breakfast in the morning. we settled on breakfast sandwiches and pretty sure they were a hit since ralph's other love in this world are mcdonald's mcgriddles. it's a real thing haha.

on our morning walk to to his office, there were flowers are every corner, random bursts of pink and red in new yorkers wardrobe, and darling valentine window displays on most store fronts.

lots of dinner spots all ready for all the valentine dates!

things like this just make my day!

gave ralph a little surprise visit at work and dropped off our favorite petite sour hearts candy, and a valentine. i've done a little work delivery every year since we have been together and its always fun to see him in the middle of the work day!

he managed to get off around 8:15 that night (!!!) which was the best surprise. i made ina garten's turkey sausage lasagna, and it was a success! i'm always crossing my fingers when i make a new dinner but this worked out so well. he walked in with street roses and a homemade valentine card which is all i ever want.

we finished the night watching 'valentines day' and running to the store across the street to grab our favorite haagen daz ice cream (caramel cone). a february 14th i'll never forget!