springtime in az!

continuing on our west coast fun before the move! our cute friends invited us to spend a long weekend at their family's second home in mesa, arizona. i distantly remember visiting arizona when i was young, but have no real memories of it. we were so thrilled when they asked! we really needed some sun, relaxing, and vacation time. i feel like all we have done lately is plan for the move, sell furniture, figure out apartment stuff, etc. so this was a nice little break.

while waiting for our breakfast reservation, we walked around the gilbert farmers market. so cute. they had a stand with homemade popcorn that was soooo yummy. (we love our popcorn) and a cinnamon + sugar flavor i am dying to recreate.

we ate at the restaurant snooze for breakfast! WOW. we loved this place so much we went twice! i was begging the server to give me their granola recipe because it was so unreal. i'm pretty sure the conversation the entire meal revolved around how good the meal was :) 

(they also had corn hole and ping pong tables to play as you wait! it was great.)

we all went to 'happy feet reflexology' after, which is basically a massage with your clothes on!  they took us into our own little couples room, and then we were given a full body rub for an hour! (except ralph's masseuse requested his shirt off...i was dying) it was really nice. (really interesting at moments) but overall a fun thing to experience! i guess it is really popular down there!

one of my favorite parts of the trip was going running around their community early in the morning. something about that morning arizona sun was so beautiful!

isn't their backyard a dream!? ralph truly woke up at 6 am every morning to chip and putt on this green. he was in literal heaven.

big shout out to these cuties for inviting us!!! best hosts. it was bryce's 30th birthday so it was fun participating in all the birthday activities with him ;)

ever since we had red velvet in our wedding cake, that is the only cake/cupcake i crave! 

look at these models. 

such a dreamy trip we will always remember!

husband is twenty six!

this past friday, ralph turned 26! it was such a fun and simple day. ralph never wants to make a big deal about his birthday, and does not like to be the center of attention. he wanted to work the whole day, and when i suggested having some close friends over for dessert and games later that night, he said yes, "but we don't need to tell them it's my birthday. they could just come over for fun." mmkay.

we had a little breakfast in bed, and he woke up to me dumping balloons on his face. haha. the first thing i ever saw on my birthday growing up was a ceiling full of bright balloons! my mom would sneak into our rooms in the middle of the night and cover our bedroom in them. so i sorta can't help it! you should always wake up feeling right away like it's your birthday, am i right?

since he even wanted to work through his lunch break......(who does that?!)


i just brought him and his coworkers some donuts. haha he is nuts, but i think he was happy with this delivery.

as you can see...the way to his heart is food. aka, sugar.

we went to our favorite thai restaurant for dinner just us two, and after with his friends we sang happy birthday (to his dismay haha), ate cookies, cake (yellow box cake with chocolate frosting, his only birthday request every year) and played pickleball all night. he said it was the perfect day! most simple man in the world!

ralph is the biggest joy, and best person i could have dreamed up for myself. he wakes up singing and smiling every morning, (yes, singing) and is always so level-headed and pleasant. he always puts my feelings and wants as priority and over his own. i've never met someone who is truly in a good mood 99% of their life, but that is ralph! he is always content, easy to please, and loves doing whatever will make others happy. lucky me! happy 26 ralph, i love you!

snowbasin weekend

staycations are the best. this past weekend, our friends planned a ski getaway up to snowbasin resort. that place is beautiful!!! i highly recommend it to anyone! we started with a fun dinner at a  bbq restaurant in layton, then headed to the mountains to the house we rented. so beautiful! and a place i would have never really thought to go.

the lodge was incredible. the owner is earl holding, who also owns the grand america hotel. you can see the same aesthetic there. beautiful, beautiful place. and amazing food! (ralph still managed to order chicken fingers and fries...sigh)

we had so much fun making a big pasta dinner after skiing, watching movies, and playing the best game of sardines till 2 in the morning. i promise we are all adults haha. it seriously felt like we were in junior high again! all my friends got a little spooked by turning off the lights and hiding in the big house in the middle of nowhere. it was so fun and funny, although some of the girls might say otherwise ;) 

utah just giving me heart eyes all the time lately! especially since we are leaving so soon. trying to soak up this place as much as i can!

valentines in jackson

since we are only living on the west coast a few more months, i am making it my personal mission to 1. do as many west-coast-y things as we can before we leave and 2. to get ralph so sick of vacations and little trips, by the time he starts working he won't wish for days off! because the won't exist...(sadly)

no, but really, a couple weeks ago we got some more information about his new job, and very boldly it declares, "from your start date and until january 2017 you will have ZERO vacation days" we already sorta knew that, but still. SO. now you see the purpose of my mission.

we spent the first part of our weekend in logan to visit my cousin and her husband. it was freezing and gloomy but we took a drive to the idaho hot springs which hit the spot. such great people watching at those things. but they were super nice, and felt so good to relax in! we had a fun homemade valentines dinner and loved just being with them. 

late that night, we hit the road again and ventured up to the BEST place on earth! jackson hole, wyoming. i go there every summer, so it is fun to mix it up and go experience it in the winter. 

we met up with hayley and brad (our roomies) who rented a tiny cabin! it was SO FUN. they were so nice! the shower even had like 20 different spouts shooting water in every direction. felt so fancy haha. anyways. i highly recommend them! such a fun way to experience jackson. (we all laughed how the size of this tiny cabin is probably even bigger than our apartment will be in the city. LOL.)

had to pack ralph's little valentine with us for the drive! 

we woke up on valentines and decided to go snow shoeing for the first time! K WHAT. it is so fun! we were all laughing when we were reading reviews about rentals, etc. and someone wrote, "snow shoeing is just a much slower, and more tiring way of getting around anywhere."  

we had little cooper, their baby mini labradoodle join us! he made the whole trip! ralph carried him in his backpack and he was the cutest little thing. he had a little sweater and everything. the only bummer was not seeing the tetons due to the clouds, but it was amazing regardless. so fun snow shoeing over lakes i swim in every summer!

tried haagen dazs caramel cone for the first time...umm WHAT. best ice cream ever! why hasn't anyone told me till now!!!! (looking at you hayley.) my life is changed.

thanks to brad and hayley, and caroline and grady for such a fun long weekend! can't wait to keep these little weekends rolling!

new york state of mind

we just got back from a little trip visiting our future home...new york city! it still feels so surreal to say that. we are so excited and ready to start our life on the east coast. living in that city has been on my bucket list since i was a little girl, and to be honest, it was not something i thought would actually happen! i'm still trying to wrap my head around it. basically, i am on cloud nine!

my favorite corner of new york city is probably this one. where the plaza meets 5th avenue and central park. it always feels so magical, and you can bet if you ever visit me this will be a stop!

all my favorite fictional characters, old actors, musicians, books and movies were in new york city. this is holly golightly's apartment in the upper east side in breakfast at tiffany's. ralph is a good sport :) 

i sortof fell in love with greenwich village this trip. i hadn't spent much time there in the past, and man. that little neighborhood is packed with charm. ralph kept saying how he didn't feel like we were in the city anymore, and more like new england with all the brick apartments. so true, we loved it! wouldn't mind living in that beautiful little place. 

the city had valentines popping up everywhere, and my heart would just swell! i love a good valentine display. 

it was fun walking wall street, especially after watching the big short! and you should have seen the line to get a picture with the charging bull. this was just fine with us haha

ralph's love language.... :)

we stayed at my cute friend lindsay's apartment in brooklyn. she has the best taste and her apartment was so dreamy! she had an incredible view of manhattan, the tallest ceilings, and her whole place is filled with such beautiful things. this picture doesn't do any justice! and she is just a sweetheart.

cute children's book all about new york! need to stock up for my future littles!

one night, we met up with ralph's cute cousin rosie and her husband who happened to be in town visiting from boston. we had such a yummy dinner in the upper west side. we ate at jacob's pickle and it was dang good. southern comfort food! pickles! homemade root beer!  highly recommend it, but expect to wait a hot minute to get in. i am sad we didn't get a picture but it was such a fun night. 

i took ralph to the MoMa since he had never been. it was hysterical to say the least. i majored in art so i appreciate all types and forms, but something i learned...

modern art and ralph gochnour do not mesh. LOL.

we walked into a room where there was just a strand of lightbulbs in the middle of the room, with a large crowd staring at it. i wish i had his face recorded, because he kinda looked around with such a confused expression, and sincerely said, "am i missing something? we are all staring at lightbulbs..." every exhibit he would pretend to analyze it, it was classic. the rest of the trip anything funky or weird, he would just tell me, "abby. you just don't understand the meaning." haha oh my gosh. (but he really loves the MET so don't worry, he does appreciate art!)

i love all the different horses and carriages all dressed differently alongside central park. i don't know if this is normal, but that day every horse had huge flowers and decor on them, all in different colors, along with the carriage. i didn't get a picture but it was great. 

we hit up the brooklyn flea + smorgasbord and it was UNREAL. somewhere i will always recommend to anyone. such fabulous stuff and FOOD. so many food trucks that were divine. it was indoor since it is winter, but i heard it is the place to be in the summer. 

ralph was at the firm he will be working at, so i had a couple hours to burn wandering new york by myself. NO PROB AT ALL. there is no where else i would rather explore! i am always immediately drawn to central park, it is just my favorite place to be! 

i know kissing pictures are the worst and everything but when a cute southern woman takes your picture and tells you to do it, you do it! this was in SoHo, such a fun place. 

this was such an important trip for us to actually browse neighborhoods and get a feel for the place we will be living! i saw the city in such a different light knowing the next time we will be there, we won't have a flight back home! we are so grateful for the chance to live there. the whole time i kept saying, "ah i am just so excited!!!" and ralph would say, "man, i would have never guessed!" ;) see you in a few months, new york! 

sunny new years

we escaped the cold temps in salt lake and hit the road to sunny california to end 2015 and ring in the new year! let me tell you, that warmth was much needed. (it wasn't even that warm for california, but anything felt better than our icy weather back home!) we hit the road the day before new years eve with our buds jen and phil, and enjoyed the entire serial podcast on the drive. (i have mixed feelings!) but kept us very entertained!

on new years eve, we woke up and hiked the top of the world hike in laguna beach and got some breakfast at ruby's diner. (this is always ralph's ONE request anytime we are there. he lives for those chocolate milkshakes!) then hit up the pool and hot tub. we were dying how pale we were. we also went and saw the big short. such a fast paced, smart, funny, and important story.

new years eve night was fab. we got thai take out from our favorite thai restaurant in laguna, went to the beach and had a bonfire with martinelli's and music. we just sat and chatted while the waves crashed, it was wonderful. we played frank sinatra and "auld lang syne" all night. i don't know how i will ever top this new years!

we woke up suuuper early on new years and drove to pasadena to see the rose parade with my cousins. we had cinnamon rolls, cheese and crackers, hot chocolate, clementines, the works. and that parade. SO UNDERRATED. let me tell you. i hadn't been since i was a tiny girl, so i didn't really have any memory of it. this parade is INCREDIBLE! everything on the floats have to be living, so it is covered in flowers and plants. i was seriously blown away! if you are ever in california over new years, you have to go or you are missing out big time! 

downton abbey float! they had the mom, cora crawley, the real actress on the float! it played the theme song as it went by, pretty magical!

the bachelor! lol. 

little overboard on the pictures, but can you blame me?! those don't do even a slice of justice. we absolutely loved it.

sooooo.....are we shocked about this next stop. i found the father of the bride house. ha am i the biggest joke or what! i think its a disease. i love finding homes from films. and i love this movie, and when i realized we were a quick 10 minute drive away? no question. jen and i were so excited. ha oh the things i put ralph through ;) just kidding, he loves it too. i think. 

after the parade, we went to my cousin elizabeth's beautiful new home and had the BEST homemade pizza, played games, ate more, and watched football. i feel so lucky that i love my cousins and extended family soo much.

our last day was spent in newport and laguna. we played kubb on the beach, ate yummy food + donuts, and ralph surprised me with a pedicure (nicest possible way for him to say i needed one desperately lol) while jen and phil ate at the crab cooker - we aren't fish people. i know, i know. everyone tells us we just haven't had the right fish. trust us, we have. one of the reasons we married each other ;)

sad this mini-trip is already over! always looking forward to next time. 

merry little christmas

i'm only half depressed christmas has come and gone. mainly because i cannot wait for this new year to begin! i have so many plans and exciting things happening, i sort-of feel like i am living in my own dream! but christmas was so great this year. even though it flew by, it felt a little calmer than most years, allowing us to pause and soak up the beautiful season.

i tried to cut costs where i could this year, and instead of spending money on wrapping paper, i grabbed some butcher paper and watercolors and went to town! 

all month i felt like we were living inside a snow globe! utah was seriously perfect and fulfilled all of my many december dreams. i thought this sledding scene was the cutest thing and made me so happy. 

we have a family tradition of staying at the grand america downtown the weekend before christmas. we see the lights, go hot tubbing and play games all night, then wake up and see a movie that saturday morning. it has become one of my favorite things! this was a window display at the grand this year, and it tugged on my heart strings. i thought it was so beautiful. 

fun christmas dinner at our house with a bunch of friends before christmas!

many nights in december were spent with this girl and i'm very happy about it. 

my favorite doggie in the whole world!!! seriously my obsession with him grows daily if you can even believe it :)

this girl. she is the mvp from my 2015. someone i am convinced was meant to be in my life. she is truly the perfect friend. we live together, work together, teach primary together, and still choose to hang out together ha! and i can honestly say i have never once been sick of her the past two years and we see each other all day every day. anyone who knows her knows she is as beautiful on the inside as she is out. her birthday is a few days before christmas and i forced her to wear that homemade birthday crown and let me embarrass her with those balloons at lunch. 

the night of hay's birthday we went up to the st. regis for dessert and went night sledding on the ski slopes. totally illegal but seriously the best. 

how beautiful is liberty park? it's my new fave spot. i have worked right next to it the past few years and have really grown to appreciate it. this park was designed by the same person who designed central park. maybe thats why i love it so much!

the MVP of christmas. little hans! it's crazy how much more fun the holidays are with a little babe around. he is seriously always smiling and trying to talk. 

visiting christmas street is a must! 

we continued our tradition on christmas eve morning of doing a progressive breakfast at our apartment, will + olivia's, and ralph's parents. such a fun morning to look forward to! 

my mother in law does such a darling job with christmas decor. 

duke the dog! this is ralph's parents dog named after the duke blue devils in north carolina where ralph was born. he is always dressed in this santa outfit on christmas eve and i can't handle it ha!

christmas eve is better than christmas day in my opinion!

cute boys in their matching pj's

my mom did a slam dunk job on these jammies, i haven't been able to get out of mine since! 

christmas eve night was hilarious. it was snowing like crazy and my dad came up with the idea to hot tub and go sledding in our suits. ha! it was so fun. henry (the dog) was SO confused and nervous when my mom was sledding. he was being such a protective doggie :)

christmas morning was so beautiful. it was a winter wonderland and snowed as we opened presents and ate breakfast. 

hans loving christmas morning! those cheeks are so squishy and the best. 

i ended christmas night watching it's a wonderful life. it's one of the best movies ever made -- ever. if you haven't seen it, RUN and go watch! i know it's in black and white, (that tends to scare people off) but you will finish the movie having all the feels. i have watched it every year since i was a little girl and it's so special to me. you will fall in love with george bailey and bedford falls. okay, end rant. 

sad to see this magical season go -- but excited to start the new year!

holiday on ice

i wish i could relive last weekend all over again! our annual trip to the lake after thanksgiving is always magic.

this year we woke up early, stopped in park city and did some black friday shopping, then continued on to the lake.  do i dare say it's my favorite weekend of the whole year? it is something i look forward to all year long.  

bear lake is amazing year round, but it's my personal favorite in the winter. people think i am crazy when i say that, because the lake is... frozen (ha) but i love it. the lake is still it's infamous turquoise but surrounded by sparkly snow, all the tourists are gone, and you feel like the whole town is yours. christmas music is buzzing through the cabin, and you wake up to snow flurries coming down outside your window. and tell me what is better than sitting by an old fashioned fireplace, eating homemade popcorn and watching your favorite VHS movies all day? i rest my case.

we have a little tradition of stringing up lights on our white picket fence while we are there for the weekend. my window looks right at it while i sleep, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. 

henry looking out for the deer, turkeys, bunnies, and basically anything with feet. such a good little watch dog. and so intimidating. :)

getting our tree hunt on! it was especially magical this year. (how many times am i going to use the word magic in this post? not enough) the snow was perfect, flurrying the whole time, and the trees were showing off like crazy. these pictures don't do justice!

sooooo fun having this nugget with me again. i've done this without her the past three years! it was never the same without her.

just a good little shake to check out our tree options. ralph did all the hard work ;)

our evergreen!

this little trail is in the back of our cabin property. is is the prettiest place to take walks and opens up to a beautiful field. 

hans was the real champion the whole trip. he is the best baby. just chills and smiles all day long. seriously, i don't think we could be more obsessed with that little dude! any time he would go down for a nap, we would all wait impatiently for him to wake up again.

always thankful for a perfect thanksgiving holiday at the lake. 

autumn leaves

october is always fleeting, but this year it slipped out of my fingertips so so so quickly. i'm usually so great at accomplishing my usual abigail traditions (i'm big on those things if you haven't noticed!) but lately we have been consumed with grown up things. ralph interviewing and recruiting, nannying, jobs, and night classes (for ralph, not me. phewf. thank goodness) although i'm a little depressed when i realize i didn't even carve a pumpkin, i did get to bask in all of autumn's beauty in my utah mountains, host our annual halloween costume party, listen to my october playlist all month long, and wear my sweaters and boots with a big smile on my face.

september and october are pure magic, but so is november and december! eek! i am so ready. (the last four months of the year are the BEST months of the year. in my humble opinion) anywho, here is a little glimpse of some of our fall so far.

this time of year makes me extremely nostalgic. i took prince henry over to one of my most favorite streets for a walk. i lived on this street in college for two years with five incredible girls, and i can't even begin to explain how much that experience meant to me. i love going back and reminiscing over some of the best times of my life! (big sap over here) three cheers for friendship, college, and hysterical dating stories :)

guardsman pass up big cottonwood canyon is a special place. anyone in utah who has been knows what i'm talking about. once september rolls around, it is all too common for me to take off in my car, head up that canyon and just blast my music and soak up the beauty. i crave it!

i did manage to get to the whole foods + trader joe pumpkin patch....that counts, right?

visiting baby ro! ralph looks prettttttty dang cute holding a babe. 

(and she stopped crying the second i handed her to him, so that felt good.....)

how am i supposed to react when i get this picture of my nephew hans in the alps?? this became my screensaver in two seconds. (this kid has more patagonia clothing than any human i know!)

and then we were pigs in a blanket! this years costume thought process was, how can we secretly wear pajamas but still  call it a costume... also, how i got ralph to wear pink from head to toe is beyond me.

do we talk about the fact that henry was a fisherman for halloween? i was in tears it was so hysterical.

these fairytale pumpkins were so gorgeous. the imperfect ones were my favorite and the most beautiful.

(there's a life lesson in there somewhere)

liberty park gets the gold medal (from me) this year. seriously gorgeous.

this was an exciting day (!!!!!!)

so basically if all our children have this face i will be thrilled!!!! i can't handle ralph's baby pictures! he was 10x cuter than me, and i am more  than fine with it. never pictured myself having toe heads but i guess it's a possibility?

welcome november! bring on the pumpkin pie.


we ended the disney cruise with none other than...disneyland!!
would you expect anything else? well, everyone else in the world
thought it was a good day to go to disneyland as well, so it was truly insane. 
filled to the brim...but we had a fab time none the less. 

before we hit up the happiest place, we went to three arch bay
in laguna. i'm in love! 
disneyland in october is SO fun!


work it ralph

nothing better than disneyland main street!

ralph's mom and siblings! cutest clan!

thats a wrap for the gochnour vacation. loved it all!

disney wonder

just got back from my first cruise! ralph's parents are amazing and planned 
such a thoughtful and generous vacation on the disney cruise. they went above and beyond
with scavenger hunts, family sweatshirts, surprise treats and presents throughout the week, and
more. we are so thankful! it was so fun to experience ralph's favorite vacation.
the ship is beautiful - my favorite part was this deck where you can walk
along the water. i'm gonna miss that blue ocean every day!

our stops were in ensenada and cabo san lucas. i love seeing
the mexican flair everywhere you looked, especially all this beautiful tile!

(these cute marionette's reminded me of the sound of music, haha so i loved them)

love that they get around by horse and carriage!
cabo was beautiful and HOT. whewwww! i was sweatin'! 

 i looooooved waking up to this view. we caught it early 
one morning with ralph's cute brother jake. it was truly breathtaking.

such a beyond wonderful trip!!!
thanks a million to my in-laws!

my best friends wedding

my baby sister and best friend in the world got married two months ago! it was a dream. 
she looked like an angel all day long, and was truly glowing. 
i have never seen a happier bride or more in love couple. 

i instantly get emotional whenever i talk about my sister.
she is so special to me, its truly hard to put into words! 
 i'm convinced when we were in heaven, we ran full speed towards 
one another and said, "yep, this is it! we don't need another!"

when i say she is my best friend, that is a total understatement.
we are fiercely loyal towards each other, and i trust her with my life.
we have no secrets, know every corner and inch of one another,
and never have to worry about being judged or misunderstood, the best type of friend.
i don't think we have ever had an argument that hasn't ended five minutes later
because we can't stand to be upset with one another.

she met cute michael when they were in jr. high, and i honestly knew
deep down (even though they didn't date until senior year of high school)
they were a match. dead serious, she wrote in his seventh grade yearbook
"my sister said she thinks we will date in high school, and i'm okay with that!"
(....such a flirt in the seventh grade haha)

they are the definition of being in love, and compliment each other tremendously.
they are both so sweet, sensitive, and have such tender souls, but also
are both hilarious and so much fun. you will never catch these two speaking poorly of anyone
which is so refreshing, and reflect what good souls they have.
they couldn't be better together, which makes her easier to send as a big sister.

congratulations to those darling love birds!
love you both, so!

a storybook shower

babies are the best. 
when my darling cousin and dear friend maria told me she was pregnant, 
i first..screamed, then forced her to let me plan a shower for the baby.
as much as i love planning bridal showers, baby showers are twenty times better!
(toaster vs. tiny baby clothes....hmmmm)

it was easy to decide on a fun theme (because let's be honest i can't do anything without a theme) 
i chose to do a storybook shower, and revolve everything around children's books!
they make me so nostalgic, and maria appreciates books more than anyone.
i asked that everyone bring a favorite childhood storybook as their gift, 
and that was the best part! it was so fun to see what people chose, and carefully selected. 
everyone had a reason or special story behind their book.

the food was also fun to be creative with and brainstorm. 

peter rabbit // veggies + dip

secret garden // salad + salsa

blueberries for sal // berry bowl

james and the giant peach // peaches!

green eggs and ham // ham and spinach quiche

charlie + the chocolate factory // my grandma's homemade marshmallow chocolate brownies

hansel + gretel // candies! (my favorite candy....oops)

the giving tree // apple juice

we had a quiz on nursery rhymes which was hilarious, and opened all the fun books.
it was so sweet and fun to add a big collection to baby hackett's library.

....and there you have the most perfect pregnant girl in all the land. 
congratulations maria + spencer! can't wait to meet her.

meet me at the fair

i love the state fair!
it's something i think everyone needs to experience to welcome the fall.
this year we were watching our favorite family while it was going on, so we loaded
them (+ two of their friends....) in the car and headed down. 
ralph + abigail vs. six children the whole night. 

either a we-are-the-coolest-babysitters-ever decision, 
or just a what-on-earth-were-we-thinking decision. 

regardless, we had a lot of fun! we went on the giant yellow slide twice, used gallons of hand 
sanitizer, ate the most expensive corn dogs on the planet, won a donut pillow, and wondered truly
where all the people who attend the fair hide during the rest of the year
serious question. such gems walking around that place. we'll see ya next year, fair! 

summer adieu

even though i am running (more like sprinting) towards autumn, 
this summer deserves lots of credit for being top notch.

highlights //

anniversary trip to seattle with ralph babe
 my baby nephew hans joining the world, what did we ever do without him!
fireworks over the lake on the fourth in bear lake
best trip down south to lake powell with friends
spending time in my favorite place, jackson hole
welcoming home darling sister gochnour from nova scotia,
and watching my baby sister and best friend get married.
(more on that lata)

and now, summer officially feels in the past. 
the air feels crisp in the morning, i have a cold and have made lots of hot soup,
and the leaves are starting to turn (!!!) football is on at all hours at our apartment, 
and i'm burning all my favorite candles. so happy i can't help myself! (even with this cold).
i know i share my love for autumn with most everyone, but who can blame us?
there is a certain magic this time of year, that every other season seem to lack.
but here is my final farewell to summer, with a big high five.

bachelorette fiesta

this little senorita is getting married one week from today! 
isn't she the cutest thing? i loved planning her bachelorette party and thinking
of a theme i thought she would love. this gal is fluent in spanish, and loves all
things mexican. so having a fiesta for a bachelorette party felt like a no brainer! 

we started the night off by eating at the rio grande in downtown salt lake city, 
forcing her to wear this flower crown i made the whole night. 
then we were off to a sleepover at the little america hotel!

all the little details are my favorite part!

i think papel picado banners are so darling, so the night before i decided
to make one myself. took me a hot minute to cut out all those shapes, 
but it was worth it! 

for one of the games i drew up this mexican silhouette haha 
(don't look too closely)

i love that there are "mexican wedding cookies" and 
so that was one of the first things i thought of when planning. 
i got these from a mexican bakery and they were actually really good! 

cutest soda bottles!

not all the girls are pictured, but it was such a fun group! 
em is so lucky to have such sweet, and darling friends. 

my favorite girl in the world!!!!

lots of ricky martin and enrique was played, while
she opened some cute & funny gifts, and got some advice. 
loved celebrating my favorite bride! 

hans call barth

you guys, i'm officially an auntie!!
it's only been a few weeks, but it's already beyond wonderful. 
and i might be biased, but he is the most handsome newborn ever. his name is hans, which is a big
family name. my cute brother and sister in law waited a long time for this sweetheart, 
so when they saw that his german name meant, "gift from god" it was meant to be.

(proud auntie)

bringing flowers to the new family of three!

i've already made a video of him, taken newborn pictures, and 
showed up at their house too many times to hold him. 
this boy will have no shortage of love from this family! 

isn't he the sweetest! can't wait to watch 
this little angel grow up and be his favorite aunt :)

sleepless in seattle | video

ralph and i have made little videos since we first started dating.
maybe because i secretly deep down knew we would end up together, and 
wanted to savor some of my favorite moments. so thankful we did!

i have one from when he surprised me in boston for my birthday, 
when we got engaged in new york, and millions of others in between. 
i have them all saved on my computer and just realized i've never posted them! 

here is our most recent one from seattle! 
and i will post the other ones randomly once i get around to it.
we are nerds, but you can't beat that pacific northwest beauty.

music | gobbledigook by sigur rós

sleepless in seattle

seattle! what a dream. we decided to come here for a long 
weekend over our second anniversary. i associate rainy, cloudy weather with 
this place but we had sunshine and blue skies the whole time! we were lucky. 
the first thing we did was head to gasworks park. i had heard about this place, 
but had nooo idea how much we would love it! it's a beautiful park that
looks over the seattle skyline and lake union. if you ever go to seattle, i highly recommend it!

if i lived in seattle, i would be here every single night!

how adorable and darling are these houseboats?! i mean, come on. 

we went to molly moon's for ice-cream in the university district. 
you can smell their waffle cones from the street. ralph got raspberry sorbet, and i got 
salted caramel. delish. 

our darling airbnb! she had a little breakfast spread all ready for us, and 
one of my favorite candles! i promise it smells like heaven.

she also gave us these darling seed packets. i live for this kind of detail.

we hit up pike's place first thing in the morning.

my kind of view!

this was a lot more disgusting than i had anticipated...hahaha

ralph LOVES aquarium's randomly haha so we made a stop here!

the jellyfish are always my favorite to watch

so many darling shops!

the london plane...another place i highly recommend!
brunch with fresh flowers, pastries and gifts. dreamy place.

this is the face i get in 99% of our pictures. 

we did the ferris wheel on the harbor, and we loved it as well. 
best way to see the city and space needle!

we ate at portage bay cafe the next morning. 
they have a fresh berry bar where you can load as many fresh berries and fruit 
as you want on your breakfast. it was amazing. 

we also decided, the best way to see lake union (and the sleepless in seattle house)
was on a rowboat! such a cool experience. planes were landing and taking off SO close to us.

see that plane?! they were waving at us haha it was so cool.

i even had the sleepless in seattle soundtrack playing on my phone...
i have dreamed of seeing this houseboat in real life forever, and everyone
who knows me knows that sleepless in seattle and you've got mail are basically sacred to me ha
so i will go great lengths to visit the locations! it was everything i dreamed of and more :)
(as was the you've got mail brownstone we saw in october...HA creep alert)

my personal rower :) he sweat while i basked all of lake union's glory

another seattle thing i highly recommend, elliott bay's bookstore in capital hill. 

so much charm!

ferry to bainbridge island!

the shops. i can't get enoughhh.

here i go again. visiting meredith grey's house in grey's anatomy...
i'm weird i get it!!

best best view from kerry park in queen anne.

i caved and ignored many fancier/foodie dinner options 
so ralph could get a burger and fries from the famous drive in, dick's!

our anniversary morning! we went to ballard, and hit up the sunday farmer's market. 

ralph bought me a peony for our anniversary, and we got some
yummy street taco's as we listened to some live music on the street

exchanged anniversary cards, my favorite part!

another unexpected treat was seeing the ballard locks.
ralph loved it. 

see the little seal!? haha just cruising along.

we hit up the washington woodland zoo before our flight. 
that place is like a jungle! so green and beautiful.

and me forcing ralph to pose with the penguins. 
we loved you seattle!!!!