our morning walk

since moving here in july, i have woken up and walked with ralph every morning to his office. i originally didn't anticipate doing it every day, but it has stuck and become a little tradition. we have our morning routine and it is seriously the best part of my day.

we walk down broadway, sometimes through the park, and get to columbus circle, walk along central park south and down fifth avenue to his office. we pass trump tower, the plaza, tiffany's, bergdorf's, and all the fancy stores. these mornings have been so special because it is basically the only time we spend with each other during the week. this is when we get to catch up about everything going on, and have great conversations. and i am just selfish and want to spend as much time with him as i possibly can!

so if you are ever in new york in the morning and see a cute guy in a business suit next to a girl in sweats, tennis shoes, and a messy-just-rolled-out-of-bed pony tail, it's probably us haha. 

autumn in new york

i wish i could bottle up the weather, the leaves, and the whole vibe of the city right now. i know i am going to need it in january and february when we can't leave the apartment because it will be too freezing!! i am praying it sticks for a while longer!

this last weekend was so so fun. we spent so much of the time just walking around and enjoying being together. i swear, these weekends! we treat them like gold. every hour is so precious because we rarely see each other during the week. we spent lots of time in central park, ran errands in midtown, made yummy pasta on sunday night, ate greek food across from carnegie hall, saw all the runners from the new york city marathon (SO many people! so fun seeing everyone walking around after with their medals!) and walked the park at dusk towards frozen yogurt. (and yes, i have worn this sweater in lots of pictures lately haha it is SO WARM)

we are obsessed with every dog in the city. both ralph and i just exclaim, "AWWW!" every time we pass a doggie. which is probably like 20 times a day because there are so many here! we would get a dog in a heartbeat if our little studio could handle it!

had to pull out the parka (tears) one morning, and i am just so not ready!!!!!!! fall last longer please!

okay but this.............

winter can come when i see things like this happening. also, cheers to seeing my parents for thanksgiving in TWO WEEKS! can hardly wait!